Differentiating Quality Branded Bags

Differentiating Quality Branded Bags

Reticule in circulation today have high levels of different . This happens because the purchasing power adjustments every person is different, that’s different types of bags for women with quality sequence can be easily found . There are a few terms to distinguish the quality of branded bags when bought , such as the following :

1 . KW 3 – The quality of this bag is a kind of low because most counterfeit bags still not good in terms of looks , stitches and even the materials used are also not good ( easily damaged ) .
2 . KW 2 – The materials used are not of a synthetic plastic skin , usually in bandrol 150 thousands . Made by local artisans with accessories KW 2 without sertifikan and serial number .
3 . KW 1 – Quality synthetic materials in the KW 2 but still synthetic materials . This is imported from China , but not accompanied by a certificate serial number. Price range about 250 thousand to 500 thousand .
4 . KW Semi Super – Construction materials 50 % leather mixed with a variety of other materials . The price offered is usually not until the original item price sepersepiluh for example , the price of the original hermes 20 million KW Semi superclass 1 million . Inpor goods from China and Hong Kong .
5 . KW Super Premium – Uses 80 % real leather that barely resembles the original product is still rough because there is still a mix of other materials . The price is priced from 2 million depending on the model of the bag with a certificate and serial number .
6 . Original KW – Product type of bag is more than 90% of the material is made of soft leather as the original . The price range above 3 million , about one tenth the original price of the goods .

Different types of women handbags with different quality can be tailored to the abilities and needs us to stay beautiful and fashionable .

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