Type Suits Suit in Europe

Type Suits Suit , According to Users – As already in the know , a suit is one outfit compulsory for men . Coat / suit ( english : suit ) is actually a formal dress that at least European models consisting of a jacket and long pants made ​​from the same fabric and color . Jackets should be used outside of a shirt . In the UK , also known by the suit jacket .

Based on the number of buttons on the front lines , coats were divided into single breasted ( a row of buttons ) and a double-breasted ( two rows of buttons ) . While based on the number of parts / pieces on the back , consists of a single vented jacket and double vent .
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Single Breasted or Double Breasted ?
Single- breasted suit is the default choice of a jacket . While the double-breasted suit does look more manly and stylish but not suitable for your short stature or a big man .

Number of Buttons

Most many suits made ​​by a tailor or a fashion house , generally double-breasted . 3 -breasted jacket is more suitable for you tall . If you work in a creative field or work environment you are not too conservative , you can wear a single -breasted jacket .

I More Suitable Single Vent kah ?

Vent or parts on the back serves to facilitate the move . Suit with double vents originally a European model , allows us to take a wallet in the back pocket without having to fold the jacket . For those of you who are short , double vents jacket is the right choice . As for you are tall and thin , better choose a suit with single vent or no vent .

You must also have heard a tuxedo , namely formal black suit with rear tails , must be worn with a white shirt collar wings ( wing collar ) and a bow tie or a bow tie . When the invitation mentioned black tie dress code , then you are required to wear this suit .

Thus had is my article on the Setup Type Jas , According to Users , may be useful and can make you more updates Fashion Information . Read the next article about Tips on Choosing a T-shirt .


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