Arabic calligraphy in the style of Steve Jobs affects Apple products

Steve Jobs was not only loves the world of IT . He is also the author of a reliable calligraphy , art and music lovers . He’s also not just the Apple leader who is able to transform the music industry , creating the best smartphones , and make the computer animation company Pixar became interesting terbesar.Sisi Jobs is that he turned out to be of Arab descent . Jobs was the adopted son of the couple Justin and Clara Jobs . Biological mother Joanne Carole Schieble named jobs and Abdulfattah Jandali named her biological father , a professor of political science who came from Syria . So , Jobs was young Arab- Amerika.Kecintaannya look at art when he was studying calligraphy at Reed College , although only until the semester 1 .

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Steve Jobs was an auditor at the former campus calligraphy . Therefore lah , arabic calligraphy influenced the Mac ‘s interface . Tech world mourned the passing of Steve Jobs . No less than Bill Gates , founder of Microsoft , expressed profound grief over the death of his colleague in the IT -based industries . ” Really sad to learn the death of Steve Jobs , ” he said as quoted by The New York Times . Gates said that the world rarely sees someone who has a profound influence just as Jobs .

” The effect of his work will be felt for generations to come . We are fortunate to be able to work with him , it’s been a great honor outstanding . I will always remember Steve . “

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama expressed condolences over meningggalnya Steve Jobs , founder of Apple . ” Michelle and I feel very sorry , ” Obama said as quoted by Bloomberg today . According to him , Steve Jobs is the greatest U.S. innovators , brave enough to be different ideas and confidence to be able to change dunia.Kini , Jobs had not succumbed to the pancreatic cancer that is gnawing in the last five years . Jobs had left his last work , the iPhone 5 .

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The death of the man who until now has assets of U.S. $ 5.5 billion was left by his wife, Laurene Powell , four children , namely Lisa Brennan – Jobs , Reed , Erin Siena , and Eve . Jobs farewell . ( Fire )

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