Human Born To Success

Human born into the world with the success of each package , a lot of people who think success is a remarkable , obtained in an unusual way , through elaborate and meticulous process . In fact it only takes a little success of science and a bit of effort to get it .

Tas Murah

One day there was a frail grandfather who lived alone in an island in the midst of the sea . The island is famous for its fertility , the grandfather is also people who love to worship , throughout his life he use to work and worship .

One day the rain came down so heavy , so terendamlah portion of the island , the grandfather then prayed , “Lord , I believe you loved me , you will not drown me and the people on this island . ”
But the rain did not let up too quickly , even more profusely , a few hours later the flood began to sweep over half of the island, so a lot of people who leave their homes, and their possessions to go refuge on the island safer . Many people offer to grandfather to also participate flee , but his grandfather did not want to . He still believes , that God loved her and would help her . The volunteers came to provide assistance with rubber boats , to help his grandfather , grandfather still does not budge , and still reject the invitation of the volunteers . Not long after floodwaters have submerged the island , then the grandfather , confusion and precarious ride home , and continue to pray . “Lord, save me … save me , I believe you loved me . ” Then came the helicopter from sar team , combing to see if there are still people who missed out on the island . Then the team sar find the grandfather , and threw the rope and said ” Come on , Grandpa , fast , grandfather live alone here , the island was about to sink .
But what the grandfather replied , ” No, I still do not want to , I believe God is dear to me , He will help me . “

Tas Murah

Long story short the old man died of drowning. Then in the next , grandfather met with angels . ” Angel , dear Lord said to me , why did He let me drown ? ” What the angel replied , “No help how , first we ‘ve invited through people , then offers inflatable boats , and the latter lowered the helicopter to help you, your LHA do not want to think … God , you die . “

Of the above depicts Ilusttrasi success is not granted through extraordinary events , and through tremendous struggle , just a little knowledge and a willingness to keep things become easier .

The most obvious evidence is , the presence We are one of 200 million sperm cells a successful father , and to be able to survive in our mother ‘s womb . This means that from the beginning we had been prepared by God to be a winner , and success in the world .

Only sometimes we always assume that success is always measured by the material and abundant luxury . Went on to become the most beneficial personal . Being a dutiful son , became the responsibility of father , mother penyanyang be , is part of a package of it’s own success in life .

Be Successful with Whatever People who state that we are facing today .

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Tas Murah

Tas Murah


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