Tips for Overcoming Child Lazy Learning


Six ledge to overcome mals studied in children and assist parents in guiding and assisting children with problems in learning , among others :

1 . Looking for Information
Parents should ask the child to obtain precise information about him . Look for the right circumstances to be able to communicate openly with him . After that, take the kids to reveal the cause of her lazy learning . Use any relaxed atmosphere such as when helping mom in the kitchen , a walk or while playing , do not have to make a formal child can not open her problems .

2 . Creating mutual agreement between parents and children .
The deal was made to create the circumstances and responsibility and motivate children to learn not to impose the will of the parents . Agreements were made ranging from waking up to going to bed time , both in terms of hours of learning routines , learning a long time , hours of study when you have homework or not , hours of study in school holiday time , what if the learning outcome is good or bad , what reward or sanction must be accepted and so on . Even if there are sanctions to be made or agreed upon , let the children decide as proof of responsibility to something that will be mutually agreed .

3 . Creating the Discipline .
It is not an easy thing to create a discipline to the child if the parents are not starting . Parents who are used to show discipline in daily life will be easily followed by his son . Parents can create discipline in the study carried out consistently and continuously . Exercise discipline can be started from preparing learning tools , textbooks , school assignments reminding , asking lessons learned material , or asking the difficulties encountered in a particular subject , regardless of whether or not a school assignment .

4 . Enforcing Discipline .
Enforcing discipline should be done when the child began to abandon the agreements that have been agreed upon . When children do as much as possible to avoid sanctions violations physical ( tweaked , poked , pinched , or hitting ) . To divert use logical consequences that can be accepted by the mind of children. When you can do activities together in one room while children learn , parents can while reading newspapers , magazines , or other activities that do not interfere with the child in the room . Thus enforcing discipline in children is not always the messengers or screaming while parents implement other activities such as watching television or working in the kitchen .

5 . assertiveness attitude
Firmness attitudes done by the parents no longer tolerate the child for violations he did repeatedly . This attitude of firmness worn while the child completely rejected and denied by reason of made-up . Even with a child accidentally apply ‘ dishonest ‘ conduct other activities intentionally to pass hours of study . Assertiveness is an attitude that is needed to provide the agreed sanctions and ready to accept the consequences of the offense .

6 . Creating Atmosphere Study
Creating a good learning atmosphere and comfortable is the responsibility of parents . At least the parents meet the needs of the means of learning , paying attention to the way direct and accompany the child during learning . As a parent distraction can also provide educational games that learning atmosphere is not tense and continues to attract attention .

Turns lazy learning experienced by many children is caused by various factors . Therefore, before the child already scored unsatisfactory and embarrassing to my parents , parents should immediately investigate the child’s interest in learning and attention . In addition , the initiative fosters independent learning in children , to instill awareness and responsibility as a student in children is another useful long term . If these six steps can be applied to the child , then it should not be adalagi complaints from parents about their children learning lazy or cranky child because his parents always scolded .

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