The Things that happen if the Earth Stopped Spinning

Earth rotates at a speed of 1600 km / h . History shows , the rotation of the Earth slows down 2 seconds every 100 thousand years . These experiments accelerate the slowdown was to see the effect on life on Earth by 1 km / hour per day . Deceleration to stop completely designed to take 5 years . Here are the things that will happen if the earth stopped spinning :

  1. Aircraft navigation using GPS with the help of satellites . Satellite above the earth rotates to adjust the time on the ground . Slowing the rotation of the earth causes erroneous positioning satellite plane , and the plane will land in places that are not supposed to . In other words , there will be many aircraft accidents . Flights only used for essentials only. Passengers were forced to seek alternative transport . As a result , trains , marine vessels , and a crowded bus .
  2. Another symptom is the increase in the duration of the day . Slowing the rotation of the earth causes day extension . 1 day instead of 24 hours , but will increase to 28 hours after 5 months . The clock is not reliable anymore .
  3. Destroyed the world economy , stocks also fall .
  4. Earth’s rotation makes the earth is not perfectly round but slightly wider at the equator due to the rotation . Widening is collected in the equatorial ocean.
  5. If the rotation slows down , the sea will flow to both poles which caused flooding in Europe and downs at the equator , including Indonesia.
  6. Not just the sea , the air will flow to the equator and cause a rise in air pressure . Our lungs breathe in Indonesia could rupture the air like that . In contrast , in the northern and southern hemisphere has been like living in the mountains , the air is thin . Children and parents will feel miserable .
  7. Flora and fauna life was disrupted . Animals that migrate be confused with the days growing longer and eventually die from the heat / cold. Plants also suffer with the sun longer than usual and also by the long cold night .
  8. There was also extreme geological activity , such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are usually a safe location . The cause is the friction that arises by layers of earth that the deceleration is different .
  9. Round Earth’s core generates the magnetic field that protects Earth from solar radiation . But when it slows down , the magnetic field will weaken and free incoming solar radiation and skin cancer in humans make .
  10. After 4 years , 1 day = 13 days normally. All human experience permanent jet lag , could not sleep because it is still light . Europe , South America , and southern Africa finally sunk in total . At the equator , the new continent emerging from the receding sea . Sumatra , Java , and Borneo are connected by shallow Sunda , while Guinea and Australia are connected by shallow Sahul . People flocked to move to a new land that does not flood and still able to breathe . A ship aground to the dry seabed . International trade is no longer there .
  11. The weather became very extreme . Due to prolonged sunlight , the storm could be for weeks .
  12. Finally, after 5 years , the earth stopped completely but still evolving ( around the sun ) . 1 day = year , made ​​up of 6 months during which can reach 50 degrees Celsius and 6 months of night the temperature to -50 degrees Celsius ( colder than the poles now ) .
  13. The number of people who died reached 6 billion people ( almost all of them ) . There may be a few people who moved to the area that is not flooded and comfortable air pressure . Pole going to night throughout the year . Many plants and animals are extinct .

Thankfully , this is not going to become reality because certainly we all are extinct . But this simulation tells us that the rotation of the earth is not just for the day and night , but it was very much his contribution to the planet .

Sponsored by Grosir Tas Di Surabaya

Tas Murah

Tas Murah


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