Leprechaun Burrito Created For LA Food Trucks Using Google Glass

Grosir Tas Di Pasar Baru – Google recently shared a video of Roy Choi, co-founder of Kogi BBQ (a Los Angeles food truck), whipping up some of his “new spin on Irish cooking” for St. Patrick’s Day. Why? Because he’s a Google Glass explorer, and uses Glass to search for recipes.

While wearing the device, and dodging a call from his mom, he makes the “East Los Leprechaun Burrito”.

“What’s great about Glass is I can record it,” Choi says of using the device while creating his recipes. “I can share it immediately. Maybe that will influence someone else to find their own angle.”

He wanted to make something special to serve on the trucks for St. Patrick’s Day. He used Glass to find components in an Irish dish (stew, in this case), and take said components to put his own LA food truck spin on them. What he came up with was the leprechaun burrito.

According to Google, the Kogi truck will be serving the “limited edition” leprechaun burritos in LA this week.


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