Benefits of Water Hyacinth Plant


Originally regarded as the water hyacinth plants that can harm the environment because it grows wild in swamps , lakes , ssungai , sewers and other puddles . Because it is easy to grow and adapt it , water hyacinth in a short time be able to cover the surface of a river or lake that is very disturbing sight .

Sometimes also be a trigger flooding because the water above a creeping plant that can withstand the trash . For this reason , many efforts to eradicate water hyacinth being perceived as a nuisance plant environment with road clearing .

In a Scientific Essay Contest ( ICI ) which implemented the University of Jember , a Ni Putu sisiwa named Yeni Kendarinny , SMAN 3 Denpasar successfully won the first place for his presentation about the secrets of water hyacinth , was able to beat out dozens of other finalists . He was raised as the plants water hyacinth is not ogled society , and he has benefits for medical science , export opportunities and business arena .

All components of the water hyacinth plant can be used :

  • First , he says , his lab results showed the water hyacinth is able to bind metal elements in water . So this plant is suitable only live in dirty water than clean water .
  • Second , the leaves can be used animal feed ingredients .
  • Third , the fiber can be used craft materials and have been widely exported abroad .
  • Fourth , the stem can be used buffer flower arrangements . Opportunity is , according to Yeni , not maximum utilized by the public , so no one has to cultivate water hyacinth in Bali .

Besides known as water hyacinth , it turns out in some areas in Indonesia , water hyacinth has another name, such as in the area known as Kelipuk Palembang , Lampung known as Ringgak , in Dayak known as Ilung – ilung , in Manado known as Tumpe .

But there is also a creative mind to use the plant as craft materials such as bags , mats , accessories , table cloth and so on . As a result , the waste that was very helpful eventually able to bring in a profit ..

The new news is being made is that the water hyacinth plants have chemical compounds important to be able to cure various diseases .

The content of water hyacinth :

Elements SiO2 , calcium ( Ca ) , magnesium ( Mg ) , potassium ( K ) , sodium ( Na ) , chloride ( Cl ) , cupper ( Cu ) , manganese ( Mn ) , ferum ( Fe ) and many more .

At its roots are sulfate and phosphate compounds . The leaves are rich in compounds containing buunganya carotin and delphinidin – 3 – diglucosida . With the entire content of existing chemicals , the water hyacinth can cure throat feels hot , urine is not smooth , urticaria and ulcers .

Important matter content was found in all organs of the plant roots ddapat samapai leaves used as traditional medicine . Even the flowers are charming also good used as traditional medicine ingredients . Here , ane love traditional prescription of water hyacinth

The use of water hyacinth as a remedy in
Provide water hyacinth leaves and other parts as much as 20-30 grams then simmering . Refrigerate and drink boiled water .

To treat ulcers
Prepare the leaves or roots of water hyacinth fresh taste . Then the material was crushed into powder, then add salt to taste , then affixed to a boil .

Treating urine is not smooth and urticaria
Stems of fresh water hyacinth boiled , then cooled boiled water and then drunk . Only with the traditional treatment , urine can flow .

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Tas Murah

Tas Murah


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